Deus Ex Machina Consult

"a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly solved with the unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability or object "

Do your consider your marketing to be an unsolvable problem ?

If you are involved in running a construction related company in the South East of England – contracting or consulting – and you realise you need to market and carry out business development for your company -  but  don’t have either the time or inclination, or simply don’t know where to start – then DxM Consult can help you.

Why carry out marketing ?

Marketing will help to raise your profile in the industry, make new customers aware of your capabilities, and alert existing customers to your full range of services or new services that you want to introduce. Marketing your company effectively will generate new business, and should be a crucial element of any credible Business Plan. Don’t get left behind by your competitors who have already grasped this !

Where do I start ?

DxM Consult will, with close consultation with you, consider carefully what you want to achieve, and how to go about it in a sustainable and controllable manner – after all, everyone has limited budgets, and it is vital that your marketing budget can be stretched as far as possible to achieve maximum return. The worst thing to do is to take on too much too soon – the traditional ‘scattergun’ approach which only results in a lot of effort and expense for very little tangible return – this is very frustrating.

Why DxM Consult ?

Alan Adkins, DxM Consults’ Director, has been involved in the construction industry for over 23 years, primarily in the South East and working as a Chartered Structural Engineer. However, for the last two years he was employed as a Business Development manager for the largest independent consulting engineers in the South East, and has built up an impressive database of contacts across the entire spectrum of the construction industry, as well as being actively involved in the running of the increasingly influential Kent Construction Focus Group, a business forum dedicated to promoting the construction sector in Kent.

How can DxM Consult help me ?

From strategies, based on thorough research, an awareness of trends, knowing who is doing what and where, and keeping up to date with every facet of the industry, DxM Consult acts as a freelance marketing and business development agency, providing one on one in-house advice to help you get your message across to both your existing and potential customers. DxM Consult will help you decide on what Marketing Mix will best help you, and also will help with the implementation in both traditional and digital marketing, with a particular nod to Social Media, and how it could potentially help your business. Working with specialist graphic designers, web page designers and PR experts, get not only the advice you need but also get it put into action.

What next ?

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements – call or email – whatever is convenient for you, and solve the unsolvable.